Friday, 6 May 2011

Day 5 and 6 - back out from under my doona!

What a strange and wonderful two days.  Day 5 started with another early morning (middle of the night) wake up, couldn't go back to sleep, still strange feelings in my body - no doubt withdrawal, so read another chapter or two of my book.  I was excited as I had already booked myself in for a special pamper morning for Day 5 at a local hairdresser.  On Day 4 I had asked around Leongatha who people would recommend for a morning of hair makeover - it was unanimous - Inspiration Hair Design was it.

I was up and at 'em Thursday morning and arrived at Inspiration to be greated by the friendly staff. The salon was already buzzing (at 9:15am!) - 4 customers in the chair, and 2 customers in reception booking in for appointments - I'm impressed.  I was amazed, the salon is off the main street and if I hadn't asked around I may have missed it all together. 

Emma is the owner and Senior Stylist and she was just delightful.  Before she even came over to speak to me (she was finishing up another client) she had already scoped out her recommendation for my hair.  I like that, I certainly have my own idea of what I'd like, but I'm always open to taking on others suggestions.  Emma suggested cutting a layer into my hair (oh no, not a layer, I've had bad experiences with layers in the past) and she also recommended adding some foils of "violet" - VIOLET?????????? Now that's one I haven't heard before, usually it's red or caramel suggested. Mmmm, I looked around at all the happy customers and went with my gutt feeling - this woman looked like she knew what she was talking about and today was all about me, so I agreed and said "Ok Emma, go for it"!!  The rest is history, but let me say everything from the colour application, the cappucino & mini chocolate bought once I'd settled in for the colour to develop AND the yummo massage chair at the basins was just fabulous.  The only down side was I was THRILLED with the colour of my hair and would have liked to have seen it a little more dramatic!!! Sorry Emma, you were aboslutely right and I appreciate that you went a little "easy" and erred on the side of caution.  AND the layer cut into my hair - well it's just perfect, now it sits exactly how I need it too without me having to spend time making it do so!!  THANKS Emma and staff, I'll definately be back and I highly recommend your salon - tell the girls I sent you.

After a coffee stop it was on to SO!Me which is a wonderful gift store owned by Jennie & Hess, my hosts at my accommodation Zenergie.  The SO!Me store is such an experience, I spent a good 45 minutes browsing lots of beautiful jewellery, bags, clothing (including some gorgeous plus-size options), books, belts, scarves and beautiful giftware.  I found it so hard to choose, but I ended up choosing two pairs of gorgeous earrings. Jennie & Hess have decorated their villas with gorgeous furniture and nick-nacks also available for sale via their store.  Zenergie was the perfect choice for my getaway this week, it is not too far from home, yet is far enough away to be away.  It is a 14 minute drive to the nearest shop (I know because I just drove there to get a coffee!!) and is quiet and peaceful. 

My Ploughman's Lunch stop at Koonwarra
I stopped for lunch at Koonwarra.  I sat outside, even though it was quite chilly at 2pm, but I was so amazed at my sense of smell.  When I stepped out of the car I was suddenly overwhelmed by an incredible bouquet of smells, trees, flowers, cooking smells.  It was so foreign.  I am always the one in my family who has the most acute sense of hearing and smell, yet here I was with an even more honed in sense.  It was so lovely!  I sat and read my book, took lots of deep breaths of the fragrant air and enjoyed a lovely ploughman's lunch with fresh local produce.

My gorgeous retreat -

At the end of my day, I realised I was feeling agitated and upset again.  I spoke to "my boys" on skype and this just felt even more difficult.  I am really missing them.  On top of that I've found it really difficult not to "work" - technology is a wonderful thing, but to truly relax and get away it would require switching off all technology. My phone has still rung at least 5 times a day, yesterday I ignored the phone only to find that when I did check the message it was a network who wanted me to do an interview on TV today!  No such luck - I'm unavailable!!  

I had every intention to exercise every day, to eat and sleep at regular times - but that all went out the window the second my body began to show withdrawral symptoms (day 2).  Realisitically I've managed to keep myself busy enough to not go and buy cigarettes, I've tested myself, I've forced myself to sleep so I stopped thinking, I've tried to not think too much about anything.  It hasn't been how I thought it would, BUT the result is exactly what I wanted.

I am a non-smoker!  It's been a long, difficult week.  I've chewed ALOT of gum, I've done ALOT of breathing exercises, I've talked to myself alot!! I've slept alot.  All this has been worth it.  I am a non-smoker.

I am really looking forward to packing up and driving home tomorrow. At the same time I am tentative, I can't wait to see my boys, but I am anxious about being back in the "rat race" and ensuring that I deal with stress without picking up a cigarette.

I am so grateful to my beautiful partner Pete who has made this week possible. His belief in me, his support and his willingness to pull out all stops to make sure it was possible for me to disengage from our lives for a week is just so amazing.  Pete is a non-smoker. He has NEVER made a big deal out of me smoking.  It is no secret that he does (did) not like me smoking, but the difference is that he understood that being disapproving was not going to work in helping me to give-up.   I've tried a couple of times to give-up at home over the past couple of years and have fallen down by day 3, it was Pete that suggested I needed to go away for a week to ensure I could make it work and that he would support that. It was simply said "when you're ready, I'll do what I can to make that happen for you". And suddenly two weeks ago I was ready. I am so lucky and so deserving. My children have been a huge strength too, they have been worried about me smoking too, and from the minute I broached my plan with them they were thrilled and supportive - not a simple thing for a 7 and 9 year old to have "mum" go away for a whole week. I'm so proud of them.  And my daughter Nikki who called me early this week to see how I was going, and to tell me how proud she is of me!  Thanks Nikki x  AND to my parents who are ALWAYS supportive, thanks guys x!

And finally, thank you to everyone out there who has supported me with comments on the blog, facebook messages, emails, text messages and phone calls. It's so nice to have had such a huge support network, it's appreciated.

I will update this blog each week for the next few months, I think it's important for me and for anyone who's considering giving up.

I just want to remind you that I have done this cold-turkey with no nicotine replacement, no anything.  That worked for me BUT for you it may not be the best choice. There are so many options available and I highly recommend you choose what suits you the best.

I have also read and listened to the CD "Stop Smoking In One Hour" by Susan Hepburn, I did this yesterday, I felt like I needed a back up to make sure - to be sure - to be sure LOL.

My ashtray is empty and my life is full and happy.

Love your shape!
Janine x


  1. Congratulations Janine. I'm thrilled for you!

  2. I am happy that you are happy and on a bridge to your next adventure! go girl go! Boadz


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